Farm Training

I offer to personally train all agricultural interests including workers managers and owners of all agricultural businesses no matter what is produced or how many workers are employed by any of these agricultural operations. I teach OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) law that affects all agricultural operations that produce food, fiber or any edible products if the business employs more than 10 workers full time to do the work necessary to get the job/s done. All Green industry businesses come under OSHA law no matter how many or few workers they employ and unlike farming businesses the worker or workers are counted even if the worker is akin to the owner. In farming operations workers that are akin to the owner or owners don’t count toward number of workers in their operation. That does not mean that if a worker in farming is injured that they can’t bring litigation against the farming entity or whoever they believe is at fault of the injury or death of the worker. We are also proud to offer top quality farm safety training and other services to fit all of your agricultural and farm training needs.

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