Agricultural Safety Expert

The Agricultural Safety Management Program provides all agricultural businesses with a plan for them to train their own workers by using training programs on my web-site provided to all at no charge. In addition, anyone who uses my training information is encouraged to call me with a question about any part of the training information also provided at no charge. Keep in mind that this program includes OSHA Law and how to comply. By using this Training information, all employees, including management that oversees safety for the operationís activities will know how to approach all jobs in a safe and lawful way. One requirement of this program is for employees to acknowledge that they have been trained on a particular topic and sign a statement to that effect. This protects the business from legal actions and it provides each employee with safety training for what that employee is doing at the time. The OSHA law requires that all workers be regularly trained and updated on all safety issues before doing any job.

The only compensation required in association with my training activities is for my personal travel to any site requesting me to train in person versus using the information on the web and interacting via phone only. As with the fact that all agricultural businesses are different, one from another, please know that I will quote each business a price for my time once I know about your unique operation and the number of workers to be trained and education level of each. I encourage all agricultural interests to use my award winning training web-site if at all possible.

In addition, Dr. Jesse La Prade offers his services as an expert witness and law consultant.