Expert Witness and Law Consultant

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) law consultant and certified by OSHA office in Birmingham AL to teach how to comply with all safety laws for farming and Horticultural businesses in the United States. All training programs provided by Dr. LaPrade are OSHA approved and the training material developed by Dr. LaPrade is OSHA law written in Laymanís terms.

I serve as expert witness for law firms that have a client that was injured or killed on the job working for any agricultural operation, including green industry businesses. Since most lawyers are not familiar with agricultural work they often seek assistance in finding a well trained agricultural expert to assist them.

Since I have taught Farm and Horticultural business safety for more than 14 years after earning a Ph.D. degree from the University of Florida, and have been certified to know and to train about OSHA law for Agricultural operations, law firms are eager to talk about their case needs in this arena . I have served in this capacity for four cases thus far. The first case involved a serious injury to a bystander that was caught by a power take-off when trying to push a post hole digger auger into the ground. This case settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money. The second case involved a post hole digger serious injury that brought a $4,000,000,000 award by a jury in Mobile Alabama. The third case was a posthole digger fatality in California and it is continuing into 2018. The fourth case I have been on involves a fatality by a worker that was crushed by a tire that he was removing from a large tractor, and this case is continuing as well.

Out of the four cases that I have served on I have served the plaintiff once and the defendant three times.

I have always enjoyed doing expert witness testimony and consulting with them on their case. I know that by doing expert witness work and consulting with lawyers it assists me in knowing more about training workers, managers and owners of agricultural operations. Dr. Jesse La Prade also offers his services through his farm safety management program.

You can see from my CV, the names addresses and phone numbers for the law firms that I have served and I encourage you to call them as they all said that they will serve as reference as to my work ethic and quality. I do however reserve the right to not take cases that I feel that I cannot support.  I am eager to discuss any case any lawyer in the United States that may have a need for my services.