About Jesse LaPrade

Educational Background

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
1961-1966     B.S. Ornamental Horticulture

North Carolina State University
1966-1968     M.S. Plant Pathology and Minor in Microbiology

The University of Florida
1970-1973      Ph.D.  Plant Pathology specializing in Mycotoxicology and Aflatoxin
Professional Experience

Acting Assistant County Agent
Collier County, Florida 1968-1970

Assistant Professor, Clemson University
Tobacco Research Plant Pathologist and
Mycotoxicologist 1974- 1975
Promoted to Associate Professor in 1975

Union Carbide Agricultural Products Division
Product Specialist 1976 – 1979
Field Research and Development Representative 1979-1987

Rhone Poulenc Agricultural Products Division
Field Research and Development Representative 1987-1989
Agricultural Industry Experience and Achievements

Before Auburn University LaPrade served the agricultural industry in pesticide sales and research for Union Carbide Agricultural Products from 1976 through 1986 when Union Carbide sold their interests to Rhone Poulenc INC, French based Pharmaceutical Company located in Paris. LaPrade served Rhone Poulenc from fall 1986 through 1989. Dr. LaPrade received the award “Outstanding Field Development Representative” companywide for Union Carbide Agricultural Products in 1981. Field Development work done by Dr. LaPrade was recognized by Union Carbide Agricultural Products Company in1984 and Rhone Poulenc Agricultural Products Division in 1988 for bringing in more than 12 million dollars per year in new sales from pesticide development work involving the registered product Etherel® for use on cotton as a boll opener.
Extension Experience with the Alabama Cooperative
Extension System

Employment began September 1, 1990 as Extension Environmental Specialist on USDA/CREES grant funds. The grant was for a hydrologic Unit Area, HUA (watershed) program to coordinate education for the farming clientele in Etowah, DeKalb, Marshall and Jackson counties – the Sand Mountain/Lake Guntersville HUA Project design in reducing pollution in this area from farming activities. The candidate was initially hired based on successful project continuation and funding.

Since September 2, 1990, LaPrade has written and received grants for more than six million dollars. All of the grant driven programs have been finalized successfully and the impact on the Alabama economy has been estimated to be in excess of 45 million dollars.

Since March 2002, LaPrade has served the Alabama Cooperative Extension System as Program Director for Agricultural Safety Education and Environmental Specialist. The farm fatality rate has dropped since then from an average of 12 fatalities per year to less than 2 on farm fatalities each year. LaPrade currently hosts the Alabama Cooperative Extension System web site for Agricultural Safety www.aces.edu/farmsafety/ with the only training program for agricultural businesses and farms that is OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) approved to train green industry workers and farm organizations for OSHA safety certification in the United States.

You can peruse many of  Dr. LaPrade’s technical papers, more than 300, written since September 2, 1990 by doing a web search under the name, Jesse and LaPrade. There are currently more than 90 sites and 26 pages referenced providing data about his career.

Dr. LaPrade wrote the first grant application for EPA funding for Radon awareness in Alabama and how to test homes and businesses for radon levels as well as providing training for radon Mitigators and how homeowners could mitigate their own homes. The proposal was funded to The Alabama Cooperative Extension System and LaPrade served as Program Director from 1996 through 1999. This program was recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture as one of ten most effective Environmental Education Programs offered by the USDA Extension Service in the United States for 1999.

Dr. LaPrade's former responsibility for Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is Farm and Green Industry Safety education and program design including web-site maintenance and updates as well as participant training in all 67 counties of Alabama.  Dr. LaPrade served “Ask the Expert” web-site since 1993 serving audiences that submit questions on Environmental issues. LaPrade served on the Auburn University Faculty Senate since 1998, serving as chair of the Library committee and the Ethics committee until 2004.

Dr. LaPrade was nominated into Biltmore’s Global Who’s Who as an honorary VIP member for 2011 and 1012 and was later named as Biltmore’s Global Who’s Who Outstanding Agriculural Executive of the year for 2012.

Dr. LaPrade is an active member of International Speakers Network located in Severeville Tennessee since 2009 and has written a chapter in the book, “Yes You Can”, published by Insight Publishing in 2010.

Dr. LaPrade recently designed and provided a new educational program effort on behalf of the Alabama  Extension System “Rural Crime Reduction in Alabama”. This program was endorsed by ALFA (Alabama Farmers Federation ), an Alabama Farmers Service Organization, on April 25 2013 when it was presented to the President of ALFA and the newly appointed Director Collier who was recently appointed by the Governor of Alabama, Dr. Robert Bentley, to reduce rural crime in Alabama via the law enforcement arm. This training program appeared on You-Tube for Alabama Cooperative Extension System as well as the farm safety web-site until I retired in 2016.

Dr. LaPrade has retired from Extension at Auburn University on December 31, 2016 but will continue to serve Agricultural businesses and law firms throughout the United States. Please see my business web-site at www.jesselaprade.com

Expert Witness Experience while working for the Alabama Extension System and Auburn University:

Dr. LaPrade has provided expert witness testimony and served as consultant for the Morrow Romine, and Pearson law firm in Montgomery in a litigation by a severely injured worker against John Deere Company beginning in 2011. The Morrow law firm served the defendants representing John Deere and Company and assisted the manufacturer of the posthole digger that resulted in the severe injury. The case was settled out of court in 2010. Telephone: 334-202-7707.

Dr. LaPrade served as expert witness in a litigation by a farm worker, represented by The James Johnson law firm, against a farmer in2013 and 2014. The case was heard in January of 2014 in the Mobile court where a verdict was provided by a jury to award the worker $4,000,000 for his injuries, suffering and pain sustained from a serious injury by a posthole digger. The case was appealed and the Judge was asked if he would reverse the verdict. The case has now been settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Telephone: 251-473-1800.

Dr. LaPrade is currently working for the law firm, Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgens, Gun & Dial located in Atlanta Georgia at 3344 Peachtree Road, Suite 2400, Atlanta, Georgia 30326. The lead attorney for this case is Mr. Johnathan T. Krawcheck. This case involves an on farm fatality in Los Angeles County California. Mr. Krawcheck’s direct line is 404-832-9512. This case is on-going.

Feel free to contact any of the law firms about my work product. Mr. James Johnson has retired from his practice although he may be reached at the number provided.

I am currently serving the law firm Young, Thagard, Hoffman, Smith, Lawrence & Shelton, L.L.P. and the lawyer Mr. Justin Purvis. The address is P.O. Box 3007, Valdosta, Georgia and Mr. Purvis phone number is 229-242-2520 and ask to speak to Mr. Purvis