Farm Safety Training Classes

Farm Safety Training Classes

My farm safety training web-site has all training data needed to train all workers on all farms and all landscape maintenance businesses to support the Farm and Green Industry except for “how to safely operate a farm tractor or any harvest equipment” which can be found in the owner’s manual for all harvest equipment and farming tractors. The landscape maintenance training information does include basics on using small diesel tractors and Zero- Radius Lawn mowers. You may need to attend a tractor operation seminar offered in New Jersey for in-depth training on how to operate a farm tractor safely, but I am not qualified to teach that course although I have driven two different farm tractors since I was 9-years old.

There are training materials on what is required to safely transport tractors over public highways and how to transport tractors and equipment on trailers to the site where they will be used, which is safer than driving the farming equipment over public highways. There is information on how to avoid slips trips and falls and how to lift heavy items correctly. Additional information on How to use ladders correctly and how to use the proper fire extinguisher for all types of fires is a part of my training agenda.

There is a section on using chain saws to cut trees and delimb trees for people that are not professionals but need to clear their property after storms etc.

There is a link to an article on how to transport large round hay bales safely provided by a safety coordinator in Main with his permission. We are also proud to offer a Farm Safety Management Program.

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These are but a few of the safety training articles you will find on my farm and Green industry safety site which I provide at no cost to be used by all farming and Green industry personnel.

There is a section on what has happened in neighboring states to farm workers and owners which carries a warning since the pictures used are quite graphic. This is there to show all that think this will never happen to them. The victims shown surely felt the same way. When I work with heavy equipment I always think about what could go wrong just in case it actually does.

I have always said that safety never goes out of style or becomes obsolete.