Dr. Jesse La Prade- exert witness in Georgia

Summary of Services

Dr. LaPrade provides consultation for all law firms’ clients and lawyers for expert witness testimony, specifically expert witness in Georgia and in multiple locations across the US. Years of experience in winning Judicial awards and training thousands of clients serve as a guide to assist in winning your case both in court and by the settlement. Many times courtroom props have led to convincing a jury that the client his attorney serves is meritorious of being compensated for wrong/s that he is showing and demonstrating clearly to the jury.



Public Training for all Agricultural businesses on how to fully comply with OSHA law and how to establish a Farm Safety Management Plan customized to fit your Agricultural operation.

  • This plan will reduce the number of on-farm injuries and fatalities and will assist you in complying with all of the OSHA regulations.
  • All Horticultural business operations also need to develop their own Safety Management Plan which will significantly protect your company from litigation by your workers and reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities at your work site.

All Agricultural operations are covered by personal safety training events and you will be trained how to design and establish your very own Safety Management Plan to support your very own unique agricultural operation. There are many safety training topics to support the Safety Management Plan and you are encouraged to peruse the topics at the Agricultural Safety Training site at   that Dr. LaPrade authored and maintained during his tenure at Auburn University.

Expert Witness in Georgia

Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) law consultant and certified by OSHA office in Birmingham AL to teach how to comply with all safety laws for farming and Horticultural businesses in the United States. All training programs provided by Dr. LaPrade are OSHA approved and the training material developed by Dr. LaPrade is OSHA law written in Layman’s terms.

Training offerings by Dr. Jesse LaPrade

My training for farm-related businesses and the Green Industry (Horticultural Businesses) is listed on the web-site

All training events are conducted either at the site of need or at a predesignated location by the client.

General overviews of all training offerings are shown on the web-site shown above. If the client specifies a particular subject to focus on, that is what I do, but if they want a training that will reduce the most injuries and or fatalities for their agricultural operation I will start with the Farm Safety Management Plan as it can be tailored to any business specializing in agriculture. My guarantee is that if a business follows the Farm Safety Management plan then that business will never lose a litigation brought by a worker for an injury or fatality. Simply put, there will be much fewer injuries or fatalities on a farming operation that strictly applies the principals of that Farm Safety Management Plan shown on the web-site above. There are more injuries and fatalities caused by tractor operations than any other cause by more than 50%. This statistic is true in all States of the United States and all foreign countries.

The web-site shown above is maintained by Auburn University and Alabama Extension and it is free for all to see and to use. I wrote, edited and organized the content over the last 12 plus years of service to Auburn University and Alabama Extension.

Anyone who wants training for agricultural safety can go to the web-site and use it and I encourage you to do just that. I am still here to serve all agricultural needs in the United States but I must charge a minimal fee to train and for travel to the location of choice. If you/your company needs assistance in OSHA training or just “how to be safe” type training please call me and we can provide a custom fit training program to fill your needs.

Provide Consultations and expert witness testimony for law firms and or lawyers that have litigations involving personal injury or fatality of employees of farming operations including crop production and forestry operations as well as Horticultural businesses including sod producers, plant nurseries, greenhouse growers, landscapers and landscape maintenance operations.

In addition to the above service, Dr. LaPrade provides personalized certified safety training for agricultural workers and their administrators. The training that you will receive is GUARANTEED to reduce injuries and fatalities and prevent OSHA fines if followed to the letter.

You can contact me on my personal cell phone at 334-707-9534 or send me an E-mail at

I will be pleased to assist you and promise to make your business safer and more enjoyable for you and your family

Remember, Safety training has not gone out of style and will improve you and your family’s way of life and could save your life and business.

I am here to serve.

Please see the training web site at the link “Antique red tractor”.

See my CV showing my credential’s and some of my accomplishments.

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